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Why do I need to send my paperwork every week?

We ask you to send us your paperwork every week so that we can complete the work on your behalf throughout the month.  This ensures we are able to deliver your Management Accounts on time every month. And we cover the postage costs!


What do I need to include in my weekly envelope?

To ensure we have all the information necessary to keep your accounts up-to-date we need you to send the following:

  • All purchase invoices – (clearly annotated how paid – i.e. cash, cheque, card – and especially if personal funds used)
  • All supplier statements
  • All debit and credit card/cash purchase receipts
  • Bank statements merchant card statements
  • Credit card statement (if applicable)
  • Any correspondence from HMRC


I need more Freepost labels, what do I do?

Just send us a quick email at to request more prepaid labels and we’ll send them to you.


How long does it take for data to reach Square and be scanned?

Square Freepost labels are first class post (Royal Mail’s Service Level Agreement for delivery is 10 working days for all first class post). Your data is scanned and uploaded on the day it's received.


What do you do with my hard copy data?

Your data is scanned (to BS10008 standard) and stored securely in electronic format. HMRC require data to be retained for six years but they’re happy for it to be kept in electronic format. Our standard process is to securely destroy all paperwork after three months.


When will my Square direct debit be claimed?

Your payment will be taken monthly on or around the 15th of the month (the date will be detailed on each invoice raised).


When is my VAT due?

Square will flag this as part of the monthly process, but if you’re in any doubt, you can check by using the following link:


I’ve received a penalty letter from HMRC (VAT, Self Assessment, Corporation Tax). Help! What do I do?

Please include the HMRC correspondence in your weekly envelope and send an email to alert us. We’ll review it and respond to you with the next steps.


When is my Year End and when does it need to be filed? (Limited Company)

Your company’s annual accounts must be submitted to Companies House within 9 months of the year-end date. We’ll alert you when this is due and prepare. You can check this information by clicking on the following link and entering your company name:


What is a Confirmation Statement?

A Confirmation Statement is a summary of your company details, including company name, registration number, details of directors and shareholders, registered address and trading activity. This document confirms company details registered with Companies House. We’ll submit it on your behalf. We’ll also alert you when this is due and ask for details of any changes before we submit it.


Who do I contact with payroll queries?

Please send all payroll queries to We’ll respond within two working days.


Do I need to complete a Tax Return and how do I register?

We’ll complete tax returns on your behalf and flag the information we need along with deadlines. You can find out more here: